It has been nine months since the idea A Ball For All was born.  In that nine months a lot of preparation has gone into the launch of this non profit and the website.  All of the required paperwork was filed and ultimately the IRS has recognized A Ball For All as a 501(c)3 non profit corporation.  A logo was created along with some miscellaneous marketing materials.

A fun step along the way was the selection of a soccer ball vendor.  The choice was narrowed down to three vendors and samples were received. A local high school statistics class, Austin East HS, then tested and analyzed the balls for performance and durability. A "best of class" was chosen and the balls were ordered.  We have just been notified they are ready to ship, all customized with the "A Ball For ALL" logo. 

The launch is on the horizon and we are so excited to begin to fulfill the idea that EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO PLAY!