Co-founded by the European Union - equALL

The annual small-scale “equALL” is a partnership of a sports club from Greece (Youthorama), an experienced organization from Germany (AIC Athletes Inspire Children Gug). In 2024, two major sports events will be hosted in Europe, for a first time after 2012: Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games and UEFA EURO 2024. Thousands of people are preparing events that will host this summer millions of people and billions of people will watch them. We expect innovative sports practices to be implemented and will change the evolution of sports for the next years. The aim of this partnership is to measure the inclusion “temperature” of the sports events for the people with disabilities; to follow on the spot and digitally, the two major events, to make unified sports interventions in the fan zones and publish the Good Practices report in 11 identified areas. The link for the Moodle Educational platform for the asynchronous learning is

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