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A Ball For All in action

One time donation

We appreciate the help you can provide to A Ball For All. Our ball brings a lot of joy. Our campaign brings people together, and blind children need that.

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Adopt A Ball For All

Do you know anyone who needs a ball in our network of 212 countries & territories? Are you interested in sponsoring a blind child, school or specific country? Let us do it together!

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Yes, we can!

A potential benefactor has a variety of choices for how to support the International Campaign, with a personalized logo printed on the ball, in apparel, in bags etc.

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White Flags in Schools

You will support the free T-kits distribution of our approved by the Ministry, Educational program in schools where pupils with Visual Impairment attend together with sighted ones.

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Ready, steady, gooooal!

You will fund inclusive showcases, such as 2 vs 2 blindfolded penalties shootout tournaments with mixed teams such as male/female, sighted with VI etc.

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Break a leg

You will support the theatrical play “A Ball For All” that conveys the philosophy of the campaign through art and specifically, theatre.

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Lights, camera, action

Traveling with A Ball For All around the world for producing documentaries in different countries and special events.

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Be Our Superhero!

You will support the development of Inclusive football community academy, where children and youngsters with Visual Impairment play together with sighted ones.

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A Ball For All App

You will help to design an "A Ball For All" app for networking "White flags" good practices through an interactive global map and First Aid training with the support of KSL

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A Ball For All Fun Park

You will help to build and create the fan park which would combine sports and educational cultural events

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