Every pupil with Visual Impairment to have access to Quality Education and the Right to Play.


Donate our patented mini blind football to every family and every school where children and youngsters with Visual Impairment attend.


  • We distribute for free thousands of light sound balls in 213 countries and territories.

  • We establish “A Ball For All” networks of schools where pupils with Visual Impairment attend globally heading for Inclusion, personal development and empathy..

  • We educate all pupils, with and without disabilities, though inclusive sports and theatre.


Elias Mastoras, founder of Youthorama NGO, created the world’s first mini football for blind children. The magic behind the campaign “A Ball For All” is this lightweight football, which has bells inside, cannot be bought in a store: It can only be donated to blind or visually impaired children or young people and their schools. “A Ball For All” run by Youthorama NGO has been awarded in 2022 by the European Commission as the “Inspiring Change” winner of EU Be Inclusive Awards while Elias has been selected as the 2022 EU “Local Hero” by the European Commission and the EU Be Active Sports annual awards. Tallberg Foundation and Stavros Niarhos Foundation chose him as the 2022 winner of the “Global Emerging Leader” award among 2400 applications from 132 countries.


Distribution for free to blind or partially sighted children and young people around the world, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. Donation to general and special schools for inclusive physical education activities. Implementation of educational programs in children’s and young people’s communities to promote empathy, personal development and inclusion.


1) Blind or partially sighted children and young people, their families and schools.
2) Mixed groups – for Visually Impaired and sighted children– in formal and non-formal education settings and leisure informal time, to encourage inclusive activities for all.

200 innovative mini blind footballs Healthy Body Mind blind_ball_family Panorama photo of a ball